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The Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering programme is accredited by the Council of Engineers (COE), The COE is a statutory body under the Engineer Act, B.E. 2542 (1999). The professional engineering services in Thailand are regulated and controlled under the Act which is the central regulatory body for engineering services in Thailand.


B.Eng: fully satisfies the educational base for an Incorporated Engineer and partially satisfies the educational base for a COE in Thailand.


The Department of Civil Engineering offers study programs leading to Bachelor of Engineering. The undergraduate program takes 4 years with concentration in civil engineering, which requires 151 credits of course work.


See for further information in general, and details of Further Learning programmes for B.Eng status.


Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering programme


The first two years of study for undergraduate students build the base needed for the civil engineering education: students take physics, math, chemistry, theoretical and applied mechanics, and some general engineering courses. Students can also take several electives at this time.


The last two years of study involve primarily civil engineering courses. Students can elaborate their major area of interest from the several approved elective course within the department.


04-111-202    Theory of Structures    3(3-0-6)
04-111-203    Concrete Technology    3(2-3-5)
04-111-204    Materials Testing Laboratory    2(1-3-3)
04-111-305    Structural Analysis    3(3-0-6)
04-111-307    Reinforced Concrete Design    4(3-3-7)
04-111-308    Timber and Steel Structures Design    4(3-3-7)
04-111-309    Prestressed Concrete Design    3(3-0-6)
04-111-310    Computer Method for Civil Engineers    3(3-0-6)
04-111-411    Computer Application in Civil Engineering    3(2-3-5)
04-111-412    Building Design    3(2-3-5)
04-111-413    Special Topics in Civil Engineering    3(3-0-6)
04-111-414    Earthquake Resistant Structure Design    3(3-0-6)
04-112-202    Soil Mechanics    3(3-0-6)
04-112-303    Soil Mechanics Laboratory    1(0-3-1)
04-112-404    Foundation Engineering    4(3-3-7)
04-113-301    Highway Engineering    3(3-0-6)
04-113-302    Highway Materials Testing    1(0-3-1)
04-113-403    Transportation Engineering    3(3-0-6)
04-114-304    Civil Engineering Pre – Project    1(1-0-2)
04-114-305    Construction Engineering and Management    3(3-0-6)
04-114-406    Civil Engineering Drawing    3(2-3-5)
04-114-407    Construction Cost Estimation and Analysis    3(2-3-5)
04-114-408    Civil Engineering Inspection    3(3-0-6)
04-114-409    Law for Civil Engineers    3(3-0-6)
04-114-410    Civil Engineering Project    3(1-6-4)
04-115-304    Water Resource Engineering    3(3-0-6)
04-115-305    Hydraulic Engineering    3(3-0-6)
04-115-406    Water Supply and Sanitary Engineering    3(3-0-6)
04-122-201    Route Surveying  3(2-3-5)    
04-122-202    Construction Surveying    3(2-3-5)
04-124-304    Spatial Information System I    3(2-3-5)